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      Closures preforms containers
      Closures preforms containers

      Systems for producing and assembling caps & closures

      Systems for producing plastic containers

      Solutions for producing PET preforms

      Blow Molding solutions for bottles production

      Second Hand Marketplace for used packaging machines

      Second hand slider closure

      The technological edge that makes a difference

      With over 50 years of experience in machine and plant engineering for the packaging industry, SACMI has developed proprietary technologies for each phase along the production line. These include the CCM continuous compression molding, currently an internationally acknowledged benchmark technology for the production of plastic capsules, intrinsically superior in terms of process quality, productivity and reduced consumption. Extending its advantages to similar industries is SACMI's challenge, which has developed CBF, the platform for the production of containers by compression, combining the best of alternative technologies and targeting in particular the food & pharmaceutical sector. SACMI CCM Multilayer is the latest new frontier in the production of single serve capsules for coffee, tea and other food products. The development of complete platforms for preforms by injection (IPS) and blow-molding (SBF) has completed the product range of SACMI, the only company in the world capable of handling every step of the production line with solutions tailored to the needs of each individual customer and market.

      Vision Systems

      Thanks to increasingly advanced sensor and computer vision technologies, SACMI ensures total product quality with the aid of vision systems - both integrated and stand-alone - for plastic cap, container and preform machines and production lines.

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      Vision Systems

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