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      Primary Packaging

      Secondary Packaging

      Our technologies

      Secondary Packaging for non-food Products, too

      The historic brand of OPM, now SACMI, provides innovative and custom solutions for secondary packaging for non-food products, too.
      SACMI features a wide range of fully automatic flexible machines which load various product categories (pharmaceutical, pet food, household products, personal hygiene and cosmetics) into trays, cases and displays utilizing multiple materials.
      With forty years of expertise in the design and manufacture of engineered automatic packaging solutions, SACMI today is able to offer both compact  and modular (Active line) and fully automated and customized systems (Performance, Advance and Smart lines).
      We focus on total system performance, advanced design and smart implementation, each of which is characterized by application of the most current technologies.
      System accessibility, sanitary design and reduced maintenance requirements, with quick and easy changeovers are the hallmark of Sacmi systems.  Your ROI, total cost of Ownership and machine OEE are in the forefront of our system focus.

      Secondary Packaging for non-food Products, too


      For produce and industrial application

      Sacmi Packaging & Chocolate S.p.A. has acquired from the beginning of 2021 the company Sacmi Packaging, a manufacturing company of tray forming machines for produce and industrial application for over 40 years. With the acquisition of Sacmi Packaging, including a wide range of tray forming machines, Sacmi Packaging & Chocolate portfolio of automatic machines for secondary packaging has been expanded.


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