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      COLORA CAP - digital printing system for plastic closures

      COLORA CAP is system for digital cap printing, offering the widest range of decorating options to make the most of the communication potential.
      The process developed enables to use high-definition digital images and import them into the printing system in just a few minutes, starting a new production batch without any format changeover costs.

      • Reduced format changeover costs - no need to change printing plates for each individual pattern and size
      • Optimised logistics - printing is carried out in a contact-less manner, making it unnecessary to allow for a cap storage time after printing
      • Reduced format changeover time - pattern and size changeovers are carried out in minutes via a digital process
      • Whatever the image (Sport, Celebrities, Products, Brands, Customization), COLORA CAP can print it in a cap top panel.

      COLORA CAP digital printing system - technical data

      output caps/hours up to 36000
      caps maximum processable diameter mm 20 - 70
      caps material HDPE, PP
      risoluzione dpi 360x720

      Video Colora Cap

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